Custom Furniture Restyling

Are you ready to transform the furniture you already have into something new again?

If you’ve got old furniture in need of a Hamptons, Farmhouse or Rustic transformation, but you don't have the time or experience to undertake restoring it yourself, we can help you with a Custom Restyle Restoration!

We'll create that homely Farmhouse or Hamptons look for your furniture that you've always wanted in your home!  

We'll save you the heartache of throwing it out and the headache of doing it yourself. So if you want your furniture to look and feel brand new again and you're finally ready for that change, simply get in touch with us today, limited spaces available! 

Complimentary Pick Up & Drop Off

  • Send us a picture of the furniture you want restyled to 0406281893  & we'll give you a quote 
  • Give us a brief description of what you'd like done, we can also offer guidance and suggestions if you need
  • If you're comfortable with the quote we can quickly secure a booking for you, or place you on our waitlist when bookings are full
  • Turnaround Time is up to 4 Weeks
  • Payment Terms are up-front payment via bank transfer or cash 


      Bring Your Home Back to Life

      With Multiple Colours & Styles

      This is just a small sample of the pieces we've crafted