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Product Information

 Our Promise

Whether they've been reclaimed from a forgotten church or a dusty old building, bought back to life from the early 1900's or revived from the days when furniture was made from wood, Our Up-Cycled pieces tell a story, both of lasting craftsmanship and the enduring journey of time. You'll discover ever changing, One of a Kind pieces flowing through our collections each time you visit.

Up-Cycling Process

All furniture is individually sourced, put to the durability test, then taken back to the Natural at Home workshop in North Brisbane for Reclaiming and Up-Cycling. It’s then sanded and painted by hand, all hardware replaced or reused and finishes applied for protection against everyday use. 
By only offering products constructed from 100% timber all over, you’ll be pleased to know it's real wood, sturdy and solidly built for the purpose of lasting years to come. You’ll be getting a unique, one of a kind piece of furniture you can’t find anywhere else!

Caring for your Furniture 

To care for your new Natural at Home furniture, simply use a non abrasive cloth with warm soapy water when cleaning.

All raw timber surfaces are treated with a durable water based clear finish, while painted surfaces are waxed with Quality Australian Beeswax to make for easy cleaning.

Natural at Home Furniture pieces are more suited for indoor use, however if you have a place on your patio, out of direct sunlight and shielded from heavy rain, they are more than capable of being used outdoors. 

If you have any questions about Natural at Home products or processes simply make contact today!