About Us

At Natural at Home we make old furniture new again. Here you'll discover one-of-a-kind furniture that you can't find anywhere else, crafting Authentic & One of a Kind Hamptons, Farmhouse and Rustic styles from durable pre-loved furniture that’s already stood the test of time, we do this with our own range and can do it for you with the furniture you already have.

We scour antique stores, old churches and online marketplaces, prioritising sustainable practices by only working with real timber furniture. Each piece undergoes a complete transformation by being thoroughly cleaned, prepped, sanded and painted before receiving its finishing touches out of our Petrie Workshop in North Brisbane.

All of our pieces are made from real timber with no veneer or mdf, they are solid and sturdy and are built & re-crafted to last for years to come. They are typically low maintenance and are finished with durable clear finishes and waxes to protect them for every day use. They've already stood the test of time and are now ready for their new life in your home!

We strive to make your furniture buying process as easy and enjoyable as possible. We‘re always here for you when you need it and will happily offer our experience and knowledge if you’d like it.

Thank you for choosing Natural at Home, as without you we stop!

Tom & Kylie - Natural at Home Furniture 


Transforming timeless furniture, one piece at a time, for a more meaningful and sustainable future!