A Sustainable Way of Life

Since 2014 Our Family Owned Company continues to proudly Reclaim and Re-craft second hand furniture into new Hamptons Style and Country Farmhouse Designs. By carefully selecting only real timber furniture for Up-cycling, our One-of-a-Kind pieces offer a peak into the past, Re-crafted with a sense of pride, personality and achievement.

It's where furniture comes to life!

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Earning money from a place where you don't want to be, to pay for a house you'll never see, is not a motto we want to associate with our lives, yet we were doing exactly that.

I was working in a government job and and my wife was in the Hospitality sector. Being at the same boring job at the same time every day, year in, year out is soul sapping. We desperately needed to make a change, to better the quality of our lives and a new challenge for us and our four children.

Then, only by accident, did we stumble into Up-Cycling Furniture, however a realisation set in that we could actually make a living from it, so we decided to begin Natural at Home and leave our old lives behind.

It's the best thing we've done, the extra time we now have to spend with our four children is priceless and worth any sacrifice that comes with it. It's that reward which makes us passionate about what we do, it drives us to be greater and to improve everyday.

Natural at Home began with Up-Cycling Furniture but it will end as something completely different. We have grand plans to grow and expand into other creative spaces, providing a unique place for you and us to enjoy. 

We'll continue to update our story as we grow and you will see Natural at Home evolve as it happens.

We thank you so much for your support so far, as without you........we stop.

Natural at Home Story


Just a small sample of the Special One-of-a-Kind pieces we've Reclaimed!


If you have any questions, would like to see our pieces in person or to Click and Collect, simply message us for specific address details.

(Kids & Dogs welcome, we've got them too).