The Natural at Home Story

We decided to do something special for our family of six and when we began Natural at Home we left our old lives behind.
Earning money from a place you don't want to be, to pay for a house you'll never see was not a motto we wanted to associate with our lives, yet we were doing exactly that. I worked in a government job for the previous eight years beforehand and my wife was in the Hospitality sector. We needed to make a change, to better the quality of our lives and challenge ourselves to do something greater. 
Only by accident did we stumble into Up-Cycling Furniture, yet we can assure you it's the best thing we've done in our working lives. It certainly beats being at the same boring job at the same boring time every day, year in, year out.
Now we own something we can be passionate about, we own our own time again whilst benefiting the environment and being creative at it.
We love it! 
The extra time we get to spend with our four children is priceless and is worth any sacrifice that comes with it. It's that reward which makes us passionate about what we do, it drives us to be greater and improve everyday.
This is a stepping stone to where we want to be and will provide the backdrop to the next phase of Natural at Home.

We'll continue to update our story as we grow & you will see Natural at Home evolve as it happens. We thank you so much for your support so far, as without you........we stop. Browse our Shop

Tom and Kylie,
Founders, Natural at Home.


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