A Sustainable Future

It's reported that Australia contributes massively to global waste production and that we're one of the worst polluters in the developed world. From mobile phones, food waste, plastic bags and furniture, our waste is pilling up to epic proportions. This unsustainable model of being a throw away society will only end in failure for future generations. More needs to be done to find real sustainable solutions in Government, manufacturing and business so consumers are left with only sustainable options to choose from.

Natural at Home offers a sustainable solution and environmentally friendly alternative to buying brand new furniture so that the end consumer can have a product that is sustainable, useful and will stand the test of time. The pieces we salvage from the scrap heap and from sellers throughout Brisbane is the beginning of our small contribution, to being a part of the solution for the throw away society model. We too realise the need to continue to improve our carbon footprint and stay on the search for even more sustainable business solutions through our endeavours. 

Our One of a Kind Furniture pieces are not the cheap Chinese flat pack furniture you see littering the local dump. We only sell solid timber pieces you buy once but buy right and as the end consumer you get to play an active roll in reducing landfill!